• Megan Nager

When You Give A Mouse A Cookie(s)

BREAKING: The media - literally almost every media publication in existence - just declared a victory for Joe Biden. Joe Biden, according to the MSM will officially be the next POTUS. The influx of texts, IG messages, and social media posts I've received saying that Biden is officially president and that Trump must accept defeat and cower away like the loser he is forgets to take one MAJOR thing into account: the media has ZERO legal authority to officially decide who is the next POTUS. And I mean zero. Donald Trump has urged us for years now to ignore the media, the "fake" news, and there is no bigger example as to how the media is "fake" as their reports made today. So, for those liberals out there who insist that Biden and Kamala will begin stepping into the White House and setting up shop for the next four years - calm down and take a seat.

The Trump campaign just announced the following statement:

So, there you have it: legal proceedings will begin on Monday, and they will continue until the case, most likely, ends up in the SCOTUS. Therefore, there is NO winner right now and the media is making a fool out of America. There will not be a president for a WHILE. And that's because of the following: the votes for the army and military are not in yet, and they are always 80/20 for Republicans; there are COUNTLESS videos, pictures, etc. showing voter fraud in every.single.one of the swing states; there were sharpies used despite the fact that sharpies were NOT allowed on ballots; there were pollsters adding in votes for Joe Biden; there were and still are DEAD American citizens casting ballots of Joe Biden; Republican pollsters were denied access to view the poling process; the polling machines in Michigan "accidentally" switched 6,000 Trump votes to Biden votes and that same voting platform was used in every single swing state and funded by the Clinton foundation, etc.

Let's think of this situation in metaphorical terms. If you give a group of children cookies, they become excited and jump to eat them. However, if you suddenly pull those cookies away, in the middle of them being eaten, just after you told those children they could eat those cookies, those children are going to throw an absolute temper tantrum. That's right - they will scream, and cry, and say you're a horrible person and insist you give those cookies back. And that's exactly what the media has done to the American people. They have handed out cookies to liberal Americans and when they are retracted by a court decision, those Americans are going to go absolute apesh*t. And that's how a civil war starts.

Throughout the past four years, the media has inched closer and closer to becoming the official enemy of the American people. They have targeted Donald Trump and his followers, discrediting him and us, and painted Trump as an evil dictator. I blame the turmoil and civil unrest we've seen throughout the past several months on the media. And right now, they're acting more like communist propaganda machines than anything else.

The rest of the world is watching America make a complete mockery of democracy. Regardless of what the outcome is of this election, it's just fact that the media has set up Donald Trump. If he wins in court, he will be deemed as an "evil dictator who refuses to leave office", and the civil unrest will continue for his second term as president. That's why it is CRUCIAL that Trump acts quickly and exposes this voter fraud SOON. If him and his campaign can do so, this could be one of the biggest - if not THE biggest - illegal plots against an American president in history.

The truth is that if Trump, his team and PATRIOTS do not stand up and fight this, this WILL be the end of democracy as we know it. We need to join together and stand strong because this president is with us at this point in history for a reason - and that's because Donald Trump is a fighter and will not give up.

So please, I urge you, turn off MSM, put your phones away, and if you insist on following what's going on - follow journalists who are on the ground and witnessing what's really happening behind the scenes. Independent journalists will be our saving grace right now. So until there is a court decision, hang in there, pray, and know that Donald J. Trump will continue to fight for what is right, no matter what happens.

Sending love to all of you,


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